Favorite Books For Personality Development

Do not wait for someone to motivate you. You and YOU ALONE can pick yourself up and start moving forward, period. In this article, I am mentioning some of my favorite books that helped me in very tough times. They keep me motivated, helps me stay positive and optimistic. That is why I still turn to these when I feel down or less motivated. I hope you will find some of them useful and I wish you start reading now.

Why Reading?

Simple, reading helps you in understanding how to deal with many complex situations, tough personalities, helps you overcome stupidity and keeps you motivated in any situation. I am very fond of reading books from a very young age and I never regret it.

No one expects change over night. Personality development is a daily ritual and you need to read, follow and take actions to make yourself better from yesterday, everyday.

Coming from a technology background there are many categories I like, below are some of my favorite books in personality development that I never stopped reading. I will keep on updating this list every now and then.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Robert T Kiyosaki

Attitude is Everything – Jeff Keller

Thinking, Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

The Power of your subconscious Mind – Dr. Joseph Murphy

Think & Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill

How to win friends & influence people – Dale Carnegie

Happy Reading Everyone!

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