Staying Humble

Staying humble – as I believe – is the key to stay alive even after your death. Sometimes I wonder, does it mean that you are weak if you stay humble? The answer is a big NO. I believe when an individual excelled in life staying humble doesn’t mean in any way that we are weak, it means that you still remember where you came from.

No one is born with extraordinary skills, we need to keep learning, practicing and sacrifice many things to attain perfection.

Humbleness is next to godliness.

How do we stay humble?

Whenever you feel like you are wrong, just accept it. It takes great amount of courage to accept your mistakes. You might hate to accept that you are wrong but denying it as a whole might show that you are weak. Whenever you feel arrogant make sure to remember where you came from, I am sure that you will be able to calm yourself down and continue to be true to yourself.

The key is to always remember where we come from. People will always want to be around you and willing to go on a journey with you. Your character builds, people will easily accept you for who you are. Remember staying humble will also make the lives of those around you prosper as well.

Sometimes one might not want to believe all these but universe has it’s own way of turning things around. I experienced it as well.

We have to make sure to strive hard and help improve other’s lives. The satisfaction that we get is immeasurable. No matter what situation you are in always stay humble. It gives you immense pleasure when others share their joy with you after going on a journey with you. Finally, always do good to others, it will come around to you.

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